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Mosby Guitars - Custom acoustic guitar covers.

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The "Elvis" style cover: $1,495.00
Additional design considerations are negotiable.

Dean Z.

These guitar covers are a dramatic and elegant visual statement. They are beautiful yet functional. Being a professional musician myself for the past twenty years I am very familiar with the requirements of live performance. My guitar covers are not merely a "cover". They become integrated into the instrument and in no way inhibit the normal function of the guitar. Because the instrument is setup to factory specs before it leaves my shop you can be assured that your guitar will still be a guitar meant to be played and not merely an art piece to be admired from afar.

The string height in relation to the guitar top remains unchanged through the use of a rosewood shim that is the thickness of the leather top. This is placed in the neck pocket. This insures that the neck to body joint is not compromised. The bridge sits on top of a similar shim so that the sustain characteristics of the guitar are not altered.

Several patterns are available and custom designs are welcome as well. Custom fingerboard inlays are also available to complete the picture. Many colors schemes are available. The only thing I will not do is copy Waylon's guitar. I work from original designs only.